34% of older adults in the U.S. are prescribed potentially inappropriate drugs, raising health care costs by hundreds: Research finds these patients are prescribed twice as many drugs, and nearly twice as likely to be hospitalized or visit the emergency room

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This mentality of putting band aids on the symptoms instead of discovering the root cause is the same mentality that you just suggested.

If people are ignoring the side effects that are spoken in the commercial itself and they don’t realize they aren’t addressing the root cause of their medical problems then they are also probably using this same problem solving abilities with all the other expensive stuff they buy and manage. If their own doctor doesn’t understand how to discover root cause then the patient will never either. The lack of Finding root cause doesn’t just mean it’s the responsibility of the medical professional it also expands into other trades - the carpenter, the plumber, the help desk technician, the nurse, the financial advisor, the web developer. The list goes on.

We are a species of instant gratification, the show must go on even if it means short term benefit at the cost of long term sustainability. We will think of how to solve the problem when we get to that bridge. The problem with that thinking is that you have to think we are invincible with our technology when we are not invincible.

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